Yale in Portugal since the beginning of last century

Yale is known in Portugal for decades. The brand has become so well-known in the last century that it is still common to hear people requesting a Yale type Cylinder when referring to the European Cylinder profile. It is also very common to see many doors springs still operating in residential buildings from the 60s and 70s not to go further, attesting the quality and durability of Yale products. In the early years of this century, with the electronic revolution, the brand declined somewhat its presence in the market, but in recent years is again growing exponentially based on the quality and functionality of its new range of products that incorporate the latest technologies.

Today Yale has stores across the country - the Yale Security Points operated by specially trained partners to provide advice and unparalleled service in the market. The Yale products are still available in the best locksmith stores throughout the country, the named Yale Security Corners, easily reaching every consumer and every need.